Fourteen unique stories of First World War service men from the South West towns of Western Australia. Includes Gallipoli snipers , incredible bravery at the major battles, amazing survival and painful tragedy. A number of the stories follow the lives of those men who returned home and made significant contributions to their local communities.

Favourites for readers are sure to include the Irish priest who disobeyed orders to be amongst the first Australians to land at Anzac Cove, the blinded soldier who became a successful cabinet maker for more than 50 years, the two local South West farmers who identified as the two leading rifle shots in the First Division Australian Infantry Forces, and the Rhodes Scholar whose extraordinary life was tragically cut short in the bayonet charge at The Nek Walkers Ridge Gallipoli on 7 August 1915.

This charge was a featured re- enactment in the Australian movie “ Gallipoli “.